Partnership Benefits

What our partners say.

The focus on organic growth has allowed us to continue to invest in the business and bring on new producers to build for the future while taking a long-term approach rather than being forced to adopt a short-term quarterly profit driven agenda.
You are not selling your entire agency to BroadStreet℠, you are truly partnering with a 21st century financial organization to position your agency for future success.
The reason why BroadStreetâ„  is such a viable option for growing agencies like ours is the capital support they provide us with to take advantage of M&A opportunities that arise due to the demographics of our business.
What attracted us to Сňňň˝APPâ„  was two-fold; the opportunity to maintain local ownership in the community and the capital available to solve the short and long term perpetuation problems at our agency and others.
BroadStreetâ„  values the partnership with us and they trust us.
BroadStreetâ„  has been a partner with our agency for over 10 years, and at no time have I ever felt that the operational decisions made by our agency were not 100% ours.
When we joined BroadStreetâ„ , we were less than $4,000,000 in annual revenue. In just over 10 years, we generate roughly $30,000,000 in annual revenue, and our goal is to double in size again over the next 5 years.
Due to our increasing size we’re able to tuck-in larger agencies than we would have if we were not a part of the Broadstreet℠ team.
The decision to partner with BroadStreetâ„  was a win- win for our local ownership group, our employees and their development, and the insurance carriers we represent.
They recognize that a partnership only works when both parties win.
The ability to access funds to facilitate acquisitions after joining BroadStreetâ„  was a game changer for us.
Our M&A activity has allowed us to grow 50% in our first 2 years with BroadStreet℠ as our partner.  Having the BroadStreet℠ guidance on transactions is like having an in-house financial and legal consultant.
While we’ve been able to maintain our independent attitude, the accountability that comes along with having a partner has actually made us a better agency.
No other partner in the marketplace has the long term investment time horizon like BroadStreet℠ does.
My experience has been great.  We have retained 100% percent decision making authority from an operations standpoint, and being associated with the Broadstreet℠ team, and having resources to continue growing the agency has been an incredible advantage.
Being able to share ideas with other agency owners, who are dealing with the same things we’re dealing with, has been an important benefit of our partnership with BroadStreet℠.
We have been a BroadStreet℠ core agency for a year now but our relationship began more than 20 months ago when we were first introduced. The best way to sum things up, with hindsight being what it is: We wouldn’t change a thing about our relationship.

Access to markets, resource groups and industry experts.

BroadStreet provides access to industry experts for almost every imaginable risk and has broad based distribution in the U.S.


Our Resource Groups help individual partners level the local playing field, compete and win on new business and create new risk management models for their clients.


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Guiding principles built around our core agency partners:

Partnership: Our business model saves core partners time, money and resources.

  • We develop flexible ownership perpetuation arrangements
  • We help our partners accelerate their M&A growth strategies
  • We use our scale and influence to enhance revenue and profit for our partners
  • We facilitate beneficial relationships and collegiality among our core partners

Respect: We don’t change the way our partners do business—we give them support to grow it.

  • We respect the reputation and relationships that our core partners have built
  • Core partners have operational autonomy
  • We seek win / win results everywhere—gaining loyalty by giving it

Value Creation: We provide our core partners a roadmap and framework for success.

  • We focus on long-term results rather than short term gains
  • We make it easy to access capital for tuck-in acquisitions
  • We provide access to services that help to reduce risk and expense
  • We make quarterly cash distributions and work to increase the value of our partners’ equity

Leadership: Our leaders are focused on continuous improvement.

  • Our leaders have good ethical instincts, an entrepreneurial spirit and are passionate about their businesses and their teams
  • Leaders remain active in the operation long enough to reap the rewards of their business decisions
  • Our core partner leaders are building a long term business with us